Who We Are

Consumers Action & Network Society ‘CANS’ is a leading, non-political, non-commercial registered Voluntary Consumer Organization. It is engaged in enhancing consumer interests through its 3 departments, 4 cells, and several expert committees. In Rajasthan State, it has comprehensive mass support and through its activities, millions of consumers of the State have been benefited so far. In the field of consumer protection, “CANS” has performed these activities in Rajasthan & particularly in Jaipur.

“CANS” was established in the year 1991 under the leadership of international famed consumer activist Dr. Anant Sharma. During the last 18 years, It has successfully expanded its activities without any foreign aid or government grant. During all these years, the problems of thousands of consumers have been successfully solved through its intervention. Hundreds of consumers have been provided free legal assistance and their cases were successfully presented before the Consumer Courts.

Presently, CANS is serving the cause of consumers through its 3 departments viz. (1) Education and Awareness Department; (2) Publication Department and (3) Public Relations and Publicity Department; 3 Centres : (1) Consumer Education & Training Centre, (2) Consumer Study and Survey Centre and (3) Standards Promotion and Quality Control Centre ; 6 Cells : (1) Consumer Complaints Redressal Cell, (2) Free Legal Assistance Cell, (3) Banking Consumer Interests Protection Cell, (4) Community Development Cell, (5) Cans Women Cell and (6) Cans Students Cell. Besides these Departments, Centres, and Cells, “CANS” fulfils its aims through Expert Committees
formed on various subjects related to consumer protection and awareness.

Its high-level Management Board comprises of leading consumer activists, experts, advocates, administrative officers, educationists, chartered accountants, women, and student activists. Present Management Board consists of Dr. Anant Sharma as its President who is National Convener of Consumers Confederation of India ‘CCI’. Others included are Mr. G.R. Yadav, formerly Indian Administrative Service officer and presently member of Central Consumer Protection Council and advocate Devendra Mohan Mathur,
a national figure in the field of consumer protection, Well known educationist and formerly professor in Rajasthan University Dr. S.L. Verma, Formerly Manager of State Bank of India K.P. Dheer, Well known Chartered Accountant Suresh Gupta and formerly Officer of Indian Audit & Accounts Service C.B. Sharma.

CANS is a believe that a lot can be achieved if people start taking actions and fighting for their rights.

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