Misleading Advertisements- be aware!

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Misleading Advertisements- be aware!

Shopping is important, isn’t it? We all have to visit the market regularly. At times we go to buy the necessary goods, at other times luxury items such as television, AC, etc. Now no matter whatever the item is, nobody wants their money to get wasted, right! Hence we try to find different ways to save money. In this article, you will reading about how when trying to save, you might actually be getting harmed.

Difficulty in deciding-

When buying small items, such as soap or toothpaste we don’t think so much as these are reading goods whereas when buying a television or a mobile phone it becomes difficult as the price is high. In such cases when you go to a market, the retailer tries to sell you the brand where he gets the greatest profit. And as you are unaware, you end up getting influenced.

If you are an active buyer then you end up studying beforehand, by asking people and looking at different ads and comparing. In such cases, you already make up your mind and you just have to go and buy the product. This is when it becomes easy for the buyer and they also are safe from cheating.

But how will you get the information?

Ads play a big role in this. There are different mediums which can be used such as newspaper, television, radio, pamphlets, etc. By mentioning all the product details, the company makes sure to make it attractive enough so that a buyer is convinced to pay for that product.
The big question that as a buyer who is paying so much of money you should ask is whether whatever mentioned in the advertisement is correct or not?

There is no method of authenticating these ads and hence the company prints whatever they want, also since they are paying to get these printed hence even the printing companies pay no mind to it.

There are few points attached with it-

– No method of verifying hence false information can be there.
– Price of newspapers increases enormously as they also print about celebrities and the cost of interviewing them is high.
– As a buyer we all love sales and hence seller uses undo advantage of it by giving 40 or 50 % off but mentioning terms and conditions in such a manner that a buyer pays no attention to it.

There are products like mosquito repellents where the companies don’t mention that they can also be harmful to humans. Chocolates which the kids love so much do not come with a warning tag that they can be harmful to the teeth.

In such a situation, a consumer has the right to complain as in The Consumer Protection Act, there is a right called right to education where the consumer should be well aware of the product and it is retailers job to ensure that.

Let’s talk about the drawbacks our system has-

If a consumer complains about a certain product then the company might end up changing the new products they are making but they make no effort to change the ones already present in the market. They do not care if the unaware consumers end up buying it as removing them will result in a lot of transportation cost and disposing of cost. In other countries, this is taken into consideration and products are removed immediately from the market.

Before understanding the fault first let us understand the standard for products declared in India. Items like electrical switches are required to have an ISI mark to prove their authenticity but although it is compulsory yet, they do not have a mark on it and are being sold in the market. Similarly, there are products with false ISI mark. A consumer obviously
is unable to differentiate between them and hence a seller ends up taking benefit of it and selling unauthenticated products.

These are the faults in this two-way system and the misuse of an important resource media. A consumer by providing false hopes in case of medical products and information in other kinds of products ends up gaining a lot of profit and a helpless consumer who has to work 9 to 6 to earn that money ends up in a situation with no choice but to buy it.

Things that can be done-

You need to understand that you are not helpless. Government has provided with several rights and methods in which a buyer can protest against this. You can not only create awareness or complain but also go to court if the matter goes out of hand. Have you ever wondered the fault can be yours as well? Yes, the producer is a shark in the ocean and you are small fishes for it but it is your responsibility to swim far away from the shark as soon as possible by realizing that the shark will do you no good. You need to take the matter in your own hands and make sure that your family and friends are safe and secure.

These products not only waste your money but can also be injurious to health. Money can be earned back, but a lost life is lost. You need two legs to walk in a synchronous manner hence to make sure that the walk is smooth you need to play your role seriously as without both the consumer, producer and of course the mediator media there will be a great fall.

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