Medicines heal diseases! But what if it is not required at all?

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Medicines heal diseases! But what if it is not required at all?

Imagine your closest family member is sick, you go to a doctor for medicines. After paying a lot of money you get to know that half of them were never required and were just food supplements then how will you feel?

Yes, this is not just a story but rather what is actually happening in the market. This is a big business and from doctors to medical store owners, all are involved in it.

Hence it is important to be well aware of this knowledge so that next time when you go to a doctor, you can ask whether it is an important medicine or just an unnecessary supplement. So buckle up on the ride where your eyes will open and you will know that even doctors these days are not the same.

Let’s begin-

According to the recent article published on Consumers World magazine which shows that when you go to a doctor in hope of getting better all you expect is to receive a dose which will get over as soon as possible and you only want what is best for you. You can’t even imagine that a doctor who has taken an oath to save will do something like this but like they say money blinds everyone and hence they end up doing this.

How about if we show another detail that these stores which are selling such products are not even certified to sell them and as they are not certified hence food inspectors do not expect them to have such supplements, therefore, they do not even check them.

Impact on YOUR hard earned Money-
The heading is enough for you to understand that your money is getting wasted. Government has taken measures to protect your money by fixing rates of such items but these people always end up finding a loophole. These supplements are supposed to be available very cheaply but since they are being given in the form of medicines hence they are charged far more than they should be.

For example-
– A simple item like a protein powder should be available for Rs. 20 but is being sold at Rs.120.
– Similarly, a vitamin syrup which should be sold for Rs.19 is sold at Rs.70
– Ironically there are few food supplements which can be available at Rs.15-Rs.17 but are being sold for Rs.150-Rs.200 in the disguise of medicine written on a prescription.

Hence these examples prove that both these things are being used in coordination with each other to earn a profit. They don’t bother about the sentiments or monetary issues of a customer. It could be a poor farmer wanting those medicines, but these people are hardly bothered.

Already as a sick patient, it becomes difficult as the mind slows down, one would hardly understand the difference. Due to the increase in such fraud a social worker called Topan das Jainani. conducted a survey in Ajmer city of the state Rajasthan. He also went ahead with the police inquiry and while solving one such matter, the court also instructed the state drug controller to take actions against it. Rules and acts have been declared, the only need now is to follow them strictly.

This was about how the food supplements are sold to you in a disguise now let us learn how you can differentiate between-
A. supplement.
B. Medicine
C. medical food
D. daily requirement


First, the basics – Daily food items which are required in day-to-day life to keep the human processor working are called daily requirements. As medical facilities are improving and people are becoming more and more aware about what the body needs to work hence they have started taking these pills which are given many names to fulfill the requirements which might not be getting by their diet. They are called as a food supplement or dietary supplement etc.

Now there is a very thin line between a medicine and nutrition supplement. The same formula of salts can be sold for both hence to understand that few rules have to be formed.

In America, these have been separated and people have already been made aware of it. Also to show the line more clearly and make that thin line visible, few new rules were declared in 1972 under medical food. According to their rules, the items which are either solving some disease or fulfilling some deficiency which is not getting fulfilled in the normal diet than those are called medical food items.

According to them, it is made compulsory that a label should be put on such items and it should also be mentioned that what is the purpose solved by it. It should only be taken under medical guidance.

India is also progressing. There have been strict actions taken for medicines but nothing is there for these supplements and hence they are still being sold as medicines and hence that is a drawback for the people.

After understanding this difference you should also know that measures have been taken

Measures taken by Bureau of Indian Standards-

They have declared some strict rules and food items can only be produced under them. Also, a proper labelling needs to be done and it should be mentioned why is the supplement required. No food item can be processed or made if it does not fit in the rules.

Although it is seen that nowadays labelling is being done in such a way that they look exactly like medicines but now strict rules are being made to change it.

Lastly, you should know how fast the deception is spreading.

Spreading of Deception-

Yes, it is important that people have knowledge of everything but with that they are also cheated easily. This business is increasing every year all around the world but more in India. Many supplements are sold in disguise. Also, a simple product like protein powder is being sold with different names and increased rates. Such complaints were a lot of times in Rajasthan.

Although doctors have been given strict instructions yet due to the change in names, they don’t come under any legal issue and are able to earn unfair profits.

Hence the motive of this article is to make you understand that although a doctor is supposed to be righteous yet even he can have flaws resulting in your loss and hence it becomes your responsibility to know the difference because only you can save yourself and make a difference because when people will stop buying then automatically this business will come to an end.

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