Consumer forum – How to complain? Where to complain?

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Consumer forum – How to complain? Where to complain?

Before beginning with anything first let us tell you that why you need to read the article.

The answer is simple, you might understand that you have been cheated but how will you know where to complain and what the process is. This article will give a solution to both the questions and then at the end will also give you help options. This is necessary because even after 32 years of the law being made, yet people are unaware of their rights.

Now first understand that are you a consumer? Do you come under the category of complaining?

Any person who is a buyer i.e. he has bought goods for his  or his family’s utilization then we call him a consumer.

Note- If you are only a mediator that is a retailer buying goods from whole seller to sell it to individuals then you do not fit in the category.

After this let us understand the products for which you can complain-

If a good is sold to you under false information or with false promises about the quality of it then you can definitely complain about it but if no such promises were made and you bought it at your own risk then you cannot do anything about it.

Read carefully now here because this is the most important part of the article-

Where can you complain?

The answer is right in front of your eyes, you just need to see it. Consumer Protection Act was made in 1986, for the benefit of a buyer as lots of cheating had started. Under this several rules were stated using which you can complain about your product.

District court– If the amount of the product is up-to Rs.20 lakh then this is where you need to go. Of course if you are not satisfied with the decision then you can go to a higher court.

State court– If the amount is more than Rs.20 lakh but less than Rs.1 crore then you can go to state court.

National court- If the amount is more than Rs.1 crore then you can go to national court.

If still not satisfied then you can go to supreme court. The fees for going to next court needs

to be payed.

More than 45 lakh cases have been presented in the court. Now you must also take an action if you think you have been wronged.

The next question that you might have is about the fees, how much do you need to pay?

It has also been fixed by the court. Amount of goods, service or the refund askedfees
1Rs. 1 lakh but has a certified card like B.P.L.Nil
2Rs.1 lakh with no certified cardRs. 100
3Rs1.lakh – Rs.5 lakhRs. 200
4Rs.5 lakh – Rs. 10 lakhRs. 400
5Rs. 10 lakh – Rs.20 lakhRs. 500
6Rs.20 lakh- Rs. 50 lakhRs.2000
7Rs.50 lakh – Rs. 1 croreRs.4000
8More than Rs. 1 croreRs.5000

You know the where i.e. in which court you need to complain now how can you complain?

Just because we mentioned court does not mean that you need a lawyer. You yourself or any person representing you can file a complain and can represent in court. You can also go to an organization. This is where we come in the picture.

Consumer protection, non- profitable organization CANS helps you in such cases. You can either come to our office or send a post regarding your complain at our address. You can also call at our number and ask for help. Our address is-

21, Gangwal park,

J-L-N Marg, opposite SMS medical college,


We will help you without charging anything, yes you read right! After the complain is send to us we first send a notice to the retailer. If he does not responds or does nothing to solve it then we take the matter to court. At times we do not even require the customer i.e. you to be present there as we can represent you. Not only this, for people with very low income less that Rs.4 thousand, the organization has also given a provision to pay their fees. Hence if you want help of any kind, don’t hesitate and contact us as soon as  possible because 2 years of time period is given after a product is bought. Once those 2 years are gone then you cannot complain about it.

There is also a helpline number provided by state government for these cases- 1800-180-6030.

Now the last information that you need to know is what all details are required by you.

  1. Your full name and address.
  2. Name and address of the retailer.
  3. Th e item and its details.
  4. What is the problem in the item and what was promised.
  5. If any bill was provided then that.
  6. Signature of the complainer and his representative (if any).

After all of this you should also know what type of results you will get i.e. the way in which court helps.-

  1. The deficiency of goods is asked to be removed.
  2. The goods are asked to be replaced.
  3. Money refund is declared.
  4. If there were any losses then the retailer is asked to pay them.
  5. They give order to improve the services.
  6. Production of some goods is stopped completely.

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